Twelve-Tone Improvisation
(A Method for Using Tone Rows in Jazz)
John O'Gallagher - Advance Music Publishing
Paperback, 272 p. with 2 CDs. 

My interest and subsequent study of twelve-tone music and serial compositional methods led me to writing a series of improvisation exercises which would eventually become this book. In this book  I describe one small corner of twelve-tone/ musical set-theory in which groups of three pitches (trichords) are used as building blocks for twelve-tone rows. Each row only uses one set of three pitches (trichord) to generate the entire content of a twelve-tone row. The twelve-tone rows generated from these 12 trichords each have a specific sonic quality and have structural relationships to each other as well as to the symmetric scales commonly used in jazz. These relationships provide us with a system of "harmony" which can be used when improvising.
-John O'Gallagher


An extensive look at chromaticism and tone rows, helping to shape melodic ideas into an extensive improvisational approach”

— George Garzone

This book is by far the best on the relatively abstruse subject of 12 tone improvisation that I have come across. It is thorough and methodical yet accessible, and the applications of such an approach are always made apparent. Also, John is one of my absolute favorite improvisers, so if this book unlocks some of the secrets of what he is doing it is well worth studying.”

— Ben Monder

This is my type of book. A fascinating topic that needs a way to work it. This book is thorough, accessible and inspiring.”

— Jerry Bergonzi

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